About The Swag

Ever since I was young, I’ve always had a fascination with media — specifically film. I believed in the power of film to do three things that have stuck with me through the years: educate, entertain and enlighten.  Films that did these things for me left an indelible impact on my memory and have continued to fuel me from childhood, through adolescence, and now well into adulthood.

This blog is a film blog that also encompasses other forms of media like TV, music videos, and those within the entertainment industry who are making news for better or for worse. The name “FilmSwag” is a name I thought of when I originally started this blog 4 years ago and it’s stuck ever since. I believe the word “Swag” is an incredibly hackneyed term, but perhaps by putting the world “film” in front of it, I can, just maybe, begin to change the connotation.

One thing that you’ll notice about this blog is that it’s centered around people of color, primarily black folks. That’s not an accident. Too often people of color in this society have not be able to see themselves depicted on screen in any consistent fashion. The film industry (like most industries in the United States) is primarily made up of people who have the fortune of having their story told at any number of media outlets. People of color rarely get that privilege. On this blog, we will. Let’s get educated together.

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