2 Years Running

Time sure does fly. In the two years since starting this blog, I’ve definitely enjoyed writing about a number of topics connected to film and media. Whether it’s been profiling specific films or TV shows, or controversies within the media, or even just showcasing a music video, I believe at the very least these things can add something to the broader discussion. Acknowledgement, analysis and discussion on topics not heavily covered in mainstream media, I believe, is part of the journey of greater enlightenment about things that may not be familiar to oneself.

In the coming months I plan to debut a new series of articles highlighting local artists/poets/musicians/change agents, under the title of FilmSwag Features. FilmSwag Features will most likely include a small article and a short video on somebody in the art world (doesn’t necessarily have to be film) who is either just starting out or has a message they want to tell. It’s part of a process of highlighting real people doing exemplary things that for whatever reason go unnoticed by many. So definitely look out for that. Also, if anyone has any ideas or topics they would like to see covered, feel free to hit me up at filmswag11@gmail.com. While I can’t promise that I’ll be able to cover every topic somebody leaves in my inbox, I will certainly look into each one.

Finally, I just once again want to say THANK YOU to anyone and everyone who has read my articles, shared my work or commented on this site. It is definitely appreciated. Hell, even if you hate the articles but just come here for the music videos, I appreciate that too. As always, lets continue to keep getting educated together.

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