Changing Face of Corporate Commercials

Last month during the NBA Finals, I happened to view two commercials back-to-back that featured quite the stark views of black folks in their ads. The first ad is from Verizon.

I was honestly a little surprised when I saw this. A commercial full of black folks in an ad for a phone company of all things? This was indeed different. Below is the commercial that came up immediately following the Verizon ad.

Maybe it’s me, but dude seems awfully happy to be in the kitchen making some chicken. I’m just saying.

I look at these ads and on one hand while I’m happy to see a a prime-time commercial featuring black folks as the primary characters, I’m still dismayed that in 2014 we got brothers talking bout “it saddens their heart that some people will never know the pleasure of tasting chicken that’s hand breaded twice.” Really though?

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