November Rule

The holidays are upon us and that means some dudes are having second thoughts about spending money and committing to their mates.

That is the basic premise of the movie “November Rule” which stars Mo McRae and Fresh Prince of Bel Air alum Tatyana Ali. They start out as partners, but McRae’s character ‘Steve’ develops cold feet as the calendar flips to November and decides to dump Ali’s character ‘Leah’ — just as he has every previous girlfriend. Except this time Steve has a change of heart and realizes Leah is a true catch who he didn’t truly appreciate until she was gone.

Along the way Steve’s two friends represent both sides of the commitment fence: one is happily married and the other is happily single until he meets his new flame played by Lala Vasquez. All-in-all this is an enjoyable rom-com and worth a few good laughs.

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