Continuing the Journey


When I graduated college in 2009, I left knowing that my days in the classroom were probably over. I really didn’t intend to go back. Well, 10+ years later, I am indeed headed back to the classroom — this time for film school.

It’s funny, going to film school was something I was rather unsure about until just a few years ago. I had been doing a number of independent projects, but wasn’t gaining the traction I needed to advance my career. Working odd jobs and buffering my skills along the way, had left me wanting more. I longed to be back in an environment of learning. I wanted to build relationships centered on cinema with like-minded peers. I look forward to doing that and more this fall at the Feirstein School of Cinema in Brooklyn, N.Y.

This month also marks 17 years since my mother upgraded from basic cable to digital cable. That led me to see images and films about people who looked like me, that I otherwise would not have been exposed to. That feeling that I experienced all those years ago of wonder and inspiration, never left me. It is only fitting then that I would get my acceptance to film school in March. The journey continues, 17 years strong.


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