Greg has everything he could ever want in life. A beautiful girlfriend, an aspiring rap career and millions of dollars to boot. Only problem is this life resides firmly in his dreams and his reality couldn’t be further from the truth. He is all the way Trippin’.

Trippin’ stars Deon Richmond as Greg Reed who is a high school senior who can’t seem to get his act together. His two best friends June (Donald Faison) and Fish (Guy Torre) aren’t much better, and the three of them are kind of seen the prototypical high school slackers.

Through the course of the film we see Greg and his friends try and figure out what they’re doing with their lives after graduation, get caught up on the bad side of local drug dealer, and deal with pressures of preparing for their senior proms.

In the midst of all this Greg can’t help but thinking about Cinny Hawkins — the girl of his dreams. Cinny is everything Greg isn’t: motivated, talented, studious, and off to college. Greg can’t seem to quite get his act together to even have a whiff of a chance of taking Cinny to the prom.

Throughout the course of the movie we see Greg has to overcome really his own demons of laziness and daydreaming to not only get his life on track, but get his love life started. Trippin’ has its comedic moments and some genuine ones as well. I wouldn’t exactly call this a ‘good’ movie necessarily, but it’s one I can enjoy and laugh at. It’s also interesting to see some of the actors in this film just really beginning to get their feet wet knowing that bigger things are coming down the road.

Maia Campbell and Deon Richmond

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