Looking Forward to 2014

I came into 2013 realizing that I needed to prove myself — especially when it came to this blog. In 2012 I didn’t post frequently and by the summer of that year, between being swamped with work and a hectic schedule overall, this blog kind of fell by the wayside. There were entire months without a single post. If you want to get better at something you have to work at it on a continual basis. In 2013, I set out to do that.

Since then there have been a lot more posts on FilmSwag and I can honestly say I’ve gotten better at being more consistent. I’ve also learned from a lot of blogs and contributors alike from this thing we call the internet. Whether it was current events, movie reviews, or focusing in on particular issues, I tried to do my best in covering them and going beyond what you might see on just a typical news site. Along with that, I think it’s important to look under a variety of stones per say when it comes to topic ideas. These could be news sites, fellow blogs, twitter streams, Facebook posts, or good old fashion television.

As we step toward 2014, collaboration is a goal that I’ll be focusing on. I’m looking forward to working in conjunction with other blogs/bloggers and possibly doing some interviews as well. I’m still working out the concept of FilmSwag Features which would be short videos of people doing artistic works and talking about their passions. Don’t know when that’ll start, but I’ll keep y’all posted. Once again, as always, THANK YOU to all of you who have read this blog or shared it with someone. I definitely do appreciate it. Oh yeah, if you dig this blog, feel free to like our Facebook page which is just to the bottom right of this article. Peace & Blessings in 2014 folks.

Looking Back At Some Popular Posts in 2013

2013 was a year full of ups, downs, achievements, and controversies.  Here are some of the noted/popular articles featured on this blog over the last 12 months.

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