Moving Ahead in 2012

Where has the time gone? It seems with each passing year time seems to move even faster.

I must say even though I did not get to blog as much as I would like this year, I am definitely enjoying the process and even small amounts of exposure. December has been a bit of a tough month for me (two wsidom teeth being removed and fighting a recent cold hasn’t helped matters) but I am certainly looking forward to more blogging and more topics come 2012. Just a taste of things I plan on discussing in the coming year: Blaxploitation films and their legacy, black journalists and the prime time dilemma, the movie ‘ A Birth of a Nation,’ the Poiter Persona, black presidents (yes, presidents with an S) and a host of other things.

For those of you who have read this blog from the outset or may have just started reading within the last month or so, I definitely want to say, Thank You. Here’s to a more a fruitful and productive next year to all of us. *Raises glass.*

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