4 Years In

In the Fall of 2011 I sat down in front of my computer armed with an idea and plenty of time on my hands (I just finished a film and was, shall we say, unemployed at the time). From that, was the start of FilmSwag. The blog celebrated it’s 4th birthday this past weekend. My baby is slowly growing up.

Since the blog has begun, I’ve been amazed at the ever evolving deep pool of roles that people of color have been getting in television (more so than film) these last few years. One of my early articles covered the fact that Taraji P. Henson openly complained that she was not featured in any of the ads or promos for the CBS series “Person of Interest.” Four years later, it’s safe to say Taraji has had the last laugh thanks to some show on Fox.

It hasn’t just been more roles either, but whole families coming into the fray. Two of the more well known shows “Blackish” and “Fresh off the Boat,” aren’t just shows with families that happen to be black and Asian, but make a point to tell the narrative through the perspective of those characters. In order to tell these stories, you need to have writers who are familiar with everyday colloquiums and norms of a particular culture. These shows reflect that.

As for the future of this blog, I’m working on some upgrades and new content. I do admit, I haven’t posted much this year, but I haven’t forgotten about you guys, the readers, and I will continue to try and put good material out there. Here’s to another 4 more years at least. Peace.

1 Year of FilmSwaggin

My oh my how the time flies.

I started this blog a year ago today because I felt it was finally time to express some of the thoughts that had travelling around in my head for months, or in some cases, years. FilmSwag is more than just a blog I feel. It gives me a platform to reach people and speak on topics that I might otherwise only discuss with certain audiences or in particular settings.

In this day age, media is ever present in most of our lives. And the mediums in which we entertain such media are constantly evolving. From Twitter, to Facebook, to iPads, to HDTV, and Hulu and Youtube and countless others, we are being bombarded by images and stories coming at us like a thousand small comets all vying for our attention across the night sky. It is within this vast realm of media that I started FilmSwag because not all media is created equal and not every story gets told.

Too often people of color have a harder time getting their films financed. Black actors can be nominated for an Oscar one year and completely fall off the map the next. Or what about actors of a certain ethnicity who get typecast in the same role over again? These are just some of the stories that interest me and were the inspiration behind FilmSwag.

This past year has been mostly articles and the occasional music video featured on this site. Within the next few months I’m looking at doing more features on people and their legacies, highlighting up and coming filmmakers and media mavens, and hopefully including some of my own video work. I want to Thank everyone who has ever viewed this site or told a friend about it. I’m proud to say that FilmSwag has been viewed by people in dozens of countries on 6 different continents (still waiting on you, Antarctica). Let’s keep getting educated together.


6 Months

Last Monday, March 26, was a special day on two fronts. Not only was it my birthday, but it was also the 6 month anniversary of this very site. Much love and appreciation to all of you who have read the articles and let me know your thoughts of them. I definitely appreciate the support. Also, big shoutout to my international readers as well. Especially those of you in Russia, Germany, and the United Kingdom. It is amazing and humbling to know that people from all over the world are reading your work. I have a lot more articles and video content to post in the coming months and look forward to sharing it with all of you. Let’s keep getting educated together. Peace.